My Portfolio

  • LRND 6010: Research Development Paper

    This assignment asked us to research and identify a technology or general research to be used in our thesis or final capstone. I selected the 4DX technology to see if it might be feasible to incorporate a more tactile approach to multimedia learning by adding to the senses of touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight.  When all five senses are engaged, learning is more tactile and benefits can be realized in a more kinesthetic approach.

  • LRND 6820: Reflection Paper and Digital Artifact about Issues in Digital Learning

    This was a group project and we were assigned to research a topic of our choice and discuss the benefits of these systems.  Our group decided to go with Personal Learning Environments (PLE) and we discussed the benefits to using systems in a student’s or teacher’s educational environment.  This paper provides a sound rationale and evidence to how a PLE can improve students’ ability to learn by allowing the student to take charge of their own learning.  This concept of making learning personally meaningful to the student is what is attractive in the PLE

  • LRND 6600: ROI Project

    This is by far one of the most valuable class projects I undertook.  The ROI was not just a practice session; it was a true ROI of a project I was working on at work.  The key benefits of this project provided a real world example of how important measurable results are to the learning objectives and needs of the business.  In order for any training to be successful, it has to have a strong case or address a business need.  The ROI process did exactly that, it allowed me to review every aspect of the ROI requirements and implement them from a factual position.  Unfortunately, the ROI did not generate the financial results and would ultimately conclude a failure in training.  However, because of the process, I was able to generate several scenarios to demonstrate why some aspects of the training should be reduced in scope.  By doing so, I had several financial examples management could use to justify future training projects and scope.  Without the ROI the company would never have a true picture or a valuable Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

  • LRND 6700: Interactive Multimedia Project - Prometheus Project

    Again, another project where I used a real world example of developing a multimedia training project used in a real-world business setting.  This assignment challenged me to think outside the box and use a software program widely used in the industry.  I now have a solid foundational skill set in the software and feel confident I could develop more advanced multimedia presentations and testing environments.

  • LRND 6720: Digital Game Proposal

    The digital game design assignment was another attempt to get us to think outside the box and review gaming technology for learning principles.  Ultimately, it begs the question of how gaming can be used in adult education.  What I learned from this is that games don’t have to be complex and several applications I have been working on at work could be quickly adapted to a game environment where the staff could learn about the system while having fun at the same time.  The Prometheus Project I used for both the multimedia presentation as well as the ROI offers an opportunity to use gaming in teaching complex systems.  Many employees still struggle with it today because they never have time to use the system.  A gaming environment that would time them was an idea I’m currently proposing at my company.  This would allow the employees to stay engaged with the system, after initial training and maintain their skills.  Again, the real purpose of this assignment is to get training developers to start thinking outside the box and looking at new technologies and determining if learning application can be achieved.