6Ds of Breakthrough Learning

The 6Ds of Breakthrough Learning


Learning Design method developed for business objectives and rationale.  Very much based on the ADDIE model but with the focus on strategic application and tracking performance results over the long term.


This learning theory was developed for business processes and training and is being adopted by many internal corporate training departments.  This learning Theory is very much based off of the ADDIE model with some additional inclusions into some steps.  D1 = Analysis, D2 = Design/Develop, D3-D5 is where the theory becomes slightly convoluted and all three phases have aspects of design and development incorporated.  Technically, D3 = I, D4 = Development and Instruction, D5 = I, and D6=Evaluate.  As you can see, this theory and approach are somewhat backward  I understand the goal the authors are trying to achieve and I’ve had to redefine their process a little into my approach and still comply with the 6Ds application for our business units.


As you can see, the difference between the two models is very clear, the flow is not completely linear compared to the ADDIE model and some elements of design are implemented in a different sequence.  Some aspects of D4 and D5, specifically "Provide job aids and performance support systems", technically are part of the design process.  However, while the 6Ds does address these needs in the appropriate stages, these elements need to be considered during the design and development phase and then implemented in the phase for D4 and D5.