About Me

As a Training Specialist in the Petroleum Industry, I have learned how important Dialogue Education and Social Constructivism is to the industry and employee.  It is vitally important all new employees receive a grounded education not only in the technical skills but also come to understand the language and culture of their peers, facility location and even the company itself.


The basis for every individual new to a group is to first develop their language and social skills in order to understand the context of language used in their work environment.  For many companies, employees must first develop their vocabulary as well as their acronym definition list.  Many industry terminology can be very foreign to a person who is not familiar with common engineering degreed employees.  Once a new employee has a firm grasp of the language, Dialogue discussions can occur between the trainer and trainee.


Many times, I have watched new employees struggle with training because the terminology used is foreign to their vocabulary and a tremendous amount of new information is being introduced at a rapid pace.  The metaphor "Drinking through a firehose" is very appropriate for many new employees introduced into a highly technical and industrial work environment.  In order for these new employees to learn, a new approach must be developed.


I strongly believe in modular tactile learning with a mentor.  When employees are slowly introduced into a new subject matter, time must be allocated to developing a basis of understanding (knowledge), application and then dialogue.  After each session, when dialogue is introduced, employees have an opportunity to make the connection from the knowledge to application and validate their understanding by asking questions and cementing the new knowledge into their long term memory.