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As a student of Jane Vella, a practitioner of Dialogue Education and Social Constructivism, I have learned after six years in the petroleum industry, that no single person is an absolute expert in their field of study.  Many individuals in a particular field of study, regardless of how much education, do not have all the answers.  As educators, we must accept the reality that we are always students and learning is a life long event.  When we accept this reality, we are then open to new information and sharing of ideas.  It is this foundation, the sharing of ideas, and learning to listen, that we experience growth and breakthrough learning.  Together, with other experts and novices alike, we open the door to new perspectives and understanding.  Often, individuals become so engrained in their field of practice, they develop tunnel vision and unable to accept new ideas.  When we listen, even the novice with no prior in-depth knowledge, can become a teacher, one who asks novel questions not considered by the subject matter expert.  Together, listening to learn and social constructivism practices, we become better students.


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Rio Chama - Planning a trip out west to New Mexico to float the Rio Chama and experience the Southwest trout fishing.


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The Beier Family on the Thrill of the Chase.

The Chase

The Chase - Frank Beier The Chase - Frank Beier The Chase - Frank Beier The Chase
The Chase

The Chase - Frank Beier  

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